Understanding Collagen Supplements

Collagen, a health supplement that has long been considered a pillar of well-being, has resurfaced for some time with, in particular, much more effective development processes and very promising results.


Today, for increased performance, collagen is hydrolyzed into peptides (smaller particles that make up proteins) with high bioavailability (around 90%). This is called "Hydrolyzed Collagen", a safer supplement which is easily absorbed by body tissues.


Once ingested, peptides travel through our blood stream and find their way to target areas showing lower levels of Collagen. Hydrolyzed Collagen fills deprived areas and regenerates them. Such a process can be illustrated by the application of cement by a mason which, brick by brick, ensures that the right amount of mortar is applied to optimize and solidify the structure of a house.  In the human body, Collagen-deficient areas could be any of those made up of tissues: joints, tendons, ligaments, organs, intestines, blood vessels, skin and more!


Why is there a sudden interest in collagen supplements?


Formulations and delivery systems available to the market are more convenient and easier to use than traditional broths and gelatin supplements offered in earlier years.  As an example, we are now able to market hydrolyzed collagen formulas offering up to 5,000 mg of Collagen per dose. A concentration that has been proven to be optimal for treating pain and discomforts caused by osteoarthritis, arthritis and other health problems related to tissue degradation. In fact, studies on the subject show that in the majority of cases, symptoms improve or disappear after taking 10,000 mg of collagen daily for a period of 3 months.


When is it necessary to start using collagen supplements?

Our natural collagen reserves are not eternal and renewal potential is limited. Aging is a process that affects the whole body, inside and out.

Collagen reserves are solicited daily and their renewal is affected by several external and internal factors: diseases, stress, UV rays, chemicals, synthetic chemicals and many other harmful factors. As our body ages, its synthesis naturally begins to slow down


As early as by the age of 25, the human body begins to lose as much as 1.5% of its collagen reserves annually. By the time we reach the age of 45, as much as 30% of our body's collagen reserves will have been lost. Reducing collagen deficiencies with a healthy intake of Collagen supplements  results in keeping a younger body longer with optimal functioning.


Prevent or treat?


While some may choose to take a collagen supplement for prevention, others will use it to assist with connective tissue conditions. For example, athletes who regularly strain their bodies or young women wishing to maintain skin tone will use collagen supplements in a preventive fashion while others will mainly use collagen to treat tissue ailments. pain (knees, back, shoulders, etc.) or accelerate the healing process following an operation or an injury.

Collagen supplements are safe and their use provides significant benefits. There is no perfect time to start taking such supplements as they will help you no matter where you’re starting from!

Whatever your needs, you will find a Probert Collagen Product to meet your specific or personal requirements . Do you have more questions about collagen supplements? Use our  Contact Us section or talk with an expert by calling: 1 (844) 608-3777


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