Snail extract: Nature’s miracle treatment

Hard to imagine, but snail saliva is one of our beauty allies. A crazy new idea? Not at all. Thanks to its active ingredients, snail saliva is recognized for its reconstructive action and is used in the formulation of our precious face cream.

Operation Snail

Simple facts: Snail extract regenerates. When a snail breaks its shell, it manages to reconstitute it by the simple use of its saliva. Similar scenario can be observed when the minute body it uses to move around is  injured. The gastropod produces miraculous saliva and the wound disappears. This high healing and regenerating power has intrigued for centuries.

A saliva with prodigious virtues

In modern days, Snail farming’s attention has focused on the benefits of saliva. The latter is removed and the gastropod is preserved. With the development of modern medicine, scientists have analyzed the composition of this precious saliva. Results obtained turned out to be very promising: snail saliva is full of active ingredients such as collagen, elastin, proteins, allantoin and glycolic acid. Collagen is an important component of human skin. Through aging,  the epidermis becomes lazy and produces less collagen, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Elastin, as its name suggests, contributes to keep the skin supple. Proteins nourish the skin and allantoin hydrates it. Finally, glycolic acid is used in peels and exfoliators. It facilitates the elimination of dead skin and helps to refine the skin’s texture.

Products based on Snail extracts

With such characteristics, It became obvious that snail saliva, once purified, filtered and highly concentrated, was to be introduced to the world of beauty. It has been demonstrated that anti-inflammatory and restorative properties vary from saliva obtained from different species. Studies have shown that the most active saliva is obtained from a specy known as “Helix Aspersa Muller” or “Little Grays” which are found in our meadows. Snail saliva helps treat blemishes like acne, scars, dark circles and tends to reduce wrinkles. It is used to treat more severe ailments such as stretch marks, burns, eczema or psoriasis. Scientists and dermatologists are formal, filtered extract of snail secretion (commonly referred to as saliva or extract) has demonstrated numerous virtues for skin care. A natural substance which contains elastin and collagen to firm the epidermis tissues and eliminate wrinkles, allantoin to hydrate and regenerate skin cells, proteins and vitamins to help fight acne, and finally glycolic acid, ideal for eliminating dead cells and refining the skin texture. Snail saliva has gained recognition as the ultimate skin maintenance agent as  this natural and organic cocktail is complete and restores the elasticity, the firmness and the hydration that your skin needs in a few days.
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