Sleep: How it influences your health and your collagen production

To your pillows!

We've all heard that sleep is important. In fact, it is ESSENTIAL for the body’s recovery and repair processes. Why exactly?


While sleeping, our body searches for essential nutrients, such as collagen, to be converted into resources required in the process of  reconstruction and repair of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin, organs and cells.


Several studies have shown that the body goes through a process of protein synthesis and physical recovery during the first phase of sleep, also known as "slow sleep". Time spent in light sleep takes up about 50% of overall sleep time. The time to this stage increases with age. This is when collagen needs to be available in sufficient quantities for the body to stay healthy. It is recommended that liquid Hydrolyzed Collagen in daily intakes of 5000mg to 10000mg will provide results that can be felt in a few days, resulting in an overall well-being, When choosing a supplement, make sure it is of good quality, hydrolyzed, and offers the right strength for your needs.

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