Allantoin for skin metamorphose

Known to be a key component of snail extract or saliva, allantoin is recognized for its virtues and skin benefits

The cosmetics industry extracts it from the mucus of certain gastropods. In plants, it is found in the roots of comfrey and in the seeds of cereals. Recognized for its moisturizing, anti-irritant properties and its cellular trophic action (beneficial on cell growth), it is very effective even at low concentrations (from 0.1%).

Allantoin’s properties

In the cosmetics industry, allantoin is recognized for its properties:

  • Repairing: it stimulates skin renewal
  • Soothing: it regulates inflammatory process and reduces redness
  • Moisturizing: it improves the skin's ability to retain water
  • Keratolytics: it helps to eliminate dead cells, regenerates skin and restores radiance and softness
  • Softening: it makes skin softer and more supple

Allantoin is frequently used in the treatment of wounds, burns and skin ulcers. It helps to regenerate damaged tissues and acts as a healing accelerator. It has proven to be beneficial  in many skin applications such as after-shave balms, sensitive skin or for babies and children products.

Allantoin is particularly recommended for individuals with:

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Hypersensitive skin(post-depilation, aftershave, aftersun, exposure to cold or wind ...)

  • Delicate skin

  • Skin prone to imperfections

You will find this ingredient in our two skin care products, our Anti-Aging Snail Extract Cream and our Pro-Lift Serum with Marine Collagen. 

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