8 Foods That Help You Keep Beautiful Skin

Think of your skin as a piece of clothing that you have worn from birth.  Over time it loses its elasticity and shine. Fortunately, we can give mother nature a boost and slow down aging of the skin. How? With an adequate collagen supplementation and a healthy diet.

Collagen constitutes more than 30% of our connective tissues and slowly decreases over time, hence the importance of maintaining good levels of this amino acid as we enter our  thirties. Healthy lifestyle habits are the key to a healthy life and a better overall physical appearance. Already taking collagen supplements on a regular basis? Here are some tips for restoring collagen by integrating foods rich in this nutrient directly into your diet.

Here are some examples of  foods that are rich in collagen and others that help regenerate it:

1.  Meats

Meats are important nutritional elements in our diet. With their high collagen content, the following meats are good for the skin: Cow Chicken Goat Beef Deer Pork (especially paws) The followings are also high in protein and collagen : tripe, offal, such as muzzles, pig's feet, cow's feet, bone broth etc.

2. Fish

Even though fish has less concentrations of this nutrient, when compared to meat, it has high amounts of proteins, especially in its skin. Omega-3 found in salmon and tuna protect the fat membrane surrounding skin cells, which in turn reduces inflammation and provides elasticity and firmness to the skin.

3. Gélatin

Gelatin is 90% derived from collagen proteins. In addition, it is low in calories.

4.  Fruits and red vegetable

Red fruits or vegetables such as apples, strawberries, cherries, beets, peppers etc. contain lycopene, a substance which, in addition to being an antioxidant, helps in the production of collagen.

5. Fruits rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is fundamental for the production of collagen. Found in oranges, lemons, kiwi, grapefruits, pineapples and others. Furthermore, they contain antioxidants that reduce the formation of wrinkles.

6. Vegetables

Vegetables such as cabbage, eggplant, salad or spinach are excellent for the production of collagen.

7.  Foods rich in sulfur

Foods such as celery, green and black olives, garlic, cucumber, bananas, onions or tofu have high sulfur content, which stimulates collagen production.

8.  Other foods

Other foods to add to your diet are soy milk, cheese, tea, dried fruits, and foods high in lysine like potatoes, seaweed and brewer's yeast. Such products are easy to obtain. Mix them together to whip up a diet that you will like, which is healthy and balanced. Positive effects on your skin will be noticed  as soon as the collagen levels in your body increase.

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Source : https://amelioretasante.com/8-excellents-aliments-retablir-collagene-de-peau/

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